Camila Quintero
Visual Designer



idea translator.

design for brands and people.


Hola. I’m Camila.

I’m an industrial/visual designer living and working in Amsterdam. Originally I'm from Bogotá, Colombia. Wait! I have a work permit, so don't worry about that :-).

I studied industrial design in Colombia before moving to The Netherlands where I'm currently active as in-house senior designer for a marketing consultancy called KANTAR. In the past years I have travelled the world, working as a freelance designer and hand in hand with design agencies in Bogotá, Amsterdam, New York and Barcelona.

Having worked in highly vibrant and very international environments has given me the opportunity to understand different cultural points of view and how to translate these views into high quality designs. My Master in Web design helps me develop a wider range of possibilities at the moment to solve a problem from a digital perspective.

What inspires me? (Life) Experience and constant movement. I’m a firm believer that everything we do, see, eat, smell, etc. is represented in every single button, poster, or book we design.

Ultimately, it’s about creating memorable experiences through great images.